Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Honey, I think the Beagle's gone mad..."

Christmas morning I was sitting on the couch with Uno next to me while I watched the kids play with their new gifts.  My oldest daughter got up and came over to us to hug Uno and after about 30 seconds of being hugged, he suddenly started growling at her.  We couldn't figure out why he would be growling, it seemed so random!  He hadn't seemed to mind when she approached him, he had already been sitting next to me so he had no reason to growl at me but he wouldn't stop!  Every time Sophie moved in for another hug, he growled. 

My husband and I looked at each other, both thinking the same thing -- that maybe we were seeing some of the long-term effects of Uno's early life in confinement.  Was he unstable?  Unpredictable?  Unable to be trusted?  Suddenly we were worried that we would have to be extra careful with him around the kids, he may not be as hug-able as we thought he was...  It was so sad.

Then I realized -- he had been sitting on some fuzzy socks that Santa had put in my stocking and I had placed next to me on the couch!  I started pulling them out from under him and, sure enough, he pounced and started tugging!  It was the SOCKS he was protecting!!  We laughed so hard and were so relieved.  It turns out Uno has quite a thing for socks.  Especially the fuzzy ones.  He loves to play tug of war, he chases after them when you throw them, and he defends his booty when you threaten to take it away!  He surprises us a little bit every day.  For instance, we also realized he loves to tear up napkins.  Clean napkins, dirty napkins, any napkin will do!  We love, love, love this quirky pooch.

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  1. That video is so funny & I love hearing you speak, your accent is wonderful.