Saturday, January 21, 2012

Uno is Right at Home

Hello everyone!  Of course, with each passing day since my last post, Uno has come further and further along.  He has blossomed into the most lovable, playful pup you could ever ask for.  He LOVES to cuddle and has developed the custom of flying onto the bed (we have an extra-high bed and he bounces up there with height to spare!) and laying either on top of me or between my little one (whom I lay down with at night and then move to her bed -- she's the baby, what can I say?) and myself.  

This morning I was trying to get my hubby to get out of bed and take a picture of us as Uno was tucked in the crook of my arm, flat on his back, paws up in the air, much like my little one sleeps!  Hubby wouldn't take the hint, though, and I didn't have the heart to drag him out of the bed. 


 Uno cuddles whenever he get the opportunity and always puts his paw on us to keep going if we stop petting him.  He is precious, lovable, and quite obedient. 


He has learned to "sit" and waits for me (however impatiently), sitting, while I put his food bowl down or give him a treat.  It's pretty comical to see him sit for food because it's not a normal sit -- he just kind of PLANTS his bottom on the ground fully intending to jump up if you take too long!  Speaking of treats -- M and S (Uno's Foster P's), Uno has definitely gotten over his finicky-ness regarding treats!  If it comes from a box or a bag, he'll eat it!!

He's also turned into quite the playful little pup!  He chases after the big dogs and empties out the doggie toy box every day (but he NEVER puts his toys away -- we're working on that...).  We love to watch him play and are amazed on a daily basis at the resilience of this little pup who probably couldn't have ever imagined that this is how a dog's life should really be...

Uno is still terrified of leashes and will actually lay down on the ground, immobile, if he feels himself wearing one.  Not sure why... fortunately we have a big backyard with a big hill and we live in an area with horse trails and very little traffic so, after dark and early in the morning we go for short walks off-leash during which he never moves more than a couple of feet away from me.  I intend to tackle the leash problem with some training eventually -- I just haven't gotten around to it, yet, as I know it will take some time. 

Other than that and the occasional potty accident or startle (he doesn't like BAGS of any kind, we have discovered) you would hardly know that he has lived the majority of his life the way that he did.  He is lucky, but we are blessed to have him as I can honestly say that he has enriched our lives.  We laugh about and ogle him every day and love, love, love our Uno.